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Customer Culture

Customer 3D™ Collaboration

By on February 29, 2012

Customer 3D companies operate in a more cohesive way than conventional businesses. Employees have a single focus—the customer—and this purpose unifies the reason for their work and makes sense of the decisions that need to be made.

Customer 3D Progress

By on November 16, 2011

The Customer 3D™ system uses a measurement process, which can quantify the progress toward becoming more customer-centered. 3D leaders never stand still in their search for new ways to make their organization work better for their customers.

The Energy of Customer 3D™

By on August 31, 2011

There are many reasons to re-orient your organization to embrace Customer 3D™. If you are trying to decide whether the transformation is worth it, the phenomenal new energy that you will see in your employees is reason enough.

Customer-Centric Wellness

By on August 10, 2011

Customer-centricity is an attitude, which can be compared with a company's wellness program. It is an effort that will bring about positive change in employees and elevate their confidence to take care of customer needs. It also becomes the foundation of better overall health for the organization.

Customer by Committee

By on November 3, 2010

Organizations don’t need a committee to decide what makes sense for the customer. They need guiding principles that will permit freedom to design great ideas, but with an unmistakable gauge—the customer.

Getting Past Task-Oriented Behavior

By on September 1, 2010

Educate task-oriented employees by demonstrating what a customer-centered culture would do. Then, measure the progress of the organization in galvanizing these new customer behaviors.

Lessons from Frank Lloyd Wright

By on July 7, 2010

Frank Lloyd Wright believed that buildings (like customer-centric companies) should fit into their environments, rather than the other way around. Wright said, “No house should ever be on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill--belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.”

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