thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Customer 3D Progress

By on November 16, 2011

Most organizations look at customer-centricity as a state of being. If, from their perspective,  they claim to be customer-focused, there is no reason to change. What they think they need to do is to stay the same, doing what they did last year and before. Unfortunately, that is a short-sighted, one-dimensional approach.Graph_lrg

3D organizations, in contrast, believe that being customer-centered is based on results—on outcomes that can always get better. Those results for customers are on a trajectory, not a flat line. In turn, the progress that needs to happen to create that trajectory can be—even has to be—measured.

The Customer 3D™ system uses a measurement process, yielding a Customer 3D™ Index, which can quantify the progress toward becoming more customer-centered. It’s fun and it’s profitable for the organizations that embrace it. But, the most important reward is the reaction of their customers. They love it and are more engaged with the companies that provide it.

You are either getting better or getting worse in your performances for customers. You can never stay the same. The secret is to set goals for how much you want to change and clear metrics to identify when you have achieved those goals. The ability to monitor your progress is the key to sustaining the innovative work being done for your customers. 3D leaders never stand still in their search for new ways to make their organization work better for their customers.


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