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Creating Customer Closeness

By on October 1, 2008

Is there anything better than something that helps your customer and brings you more business at the same time? Probably not. The National Parks Service passport program is a great example. It was created in 1986 to promote the national parks and is currently operated by Eastern National to “promote the public’s understanding and support […]

Abundance Gaps

By on September 24, 2008

In the book Making the Impossible Possible, Kim Cameron and Marc Lavine define an abundance gap. It is an elegant concept that fits perfectly in describing how to take care of customers. There is often a disconnect between what customers want and what organizations choose to give them. Most companies believe that if they eliminate […]

Clever is Better

By on September 17, 2008

I discovered this “Do Not Disturb” hanger in the Rosebank Hotel in Johannesburg recently. I have told several people because of its uniqueness. The phrase, “(Unless you’re from the lotto prize committee)” makes you stop, think, (and smile). It indicates that the hotel’s marketing department took the time to improve an item that, frankly, is […]

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