thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Clever is Better

By on September 17, 2008

I discovered this “Do Not Disturb” hanger in the Rosebank Hotel in Johannesburg recently. I have told several people because of its uniqueness. The phrase, “(Unless you’re from the lotto prize committee)” makes you stop, think, (and smile). It indicates that the hotel’s marketing department took the time to improve an item that, frankly, is taken for  granted everywhere. They were thinking like their customers and humorously acknowledging that all of us would not mind being interrupted if a lottery prize were being delivered.

This hotel had clever presentations in many more places. A round-the-clock convenience stop for snacks and coffee was creatively spelled Twentee For Seven. I stayed in Room 611, which on the door was listed as Seex Wun Wun. Customer touchpoints are everywhere. Why not specialize them and turn them into an experience that people will enjoy or talk about?

Does your organization have a sense of humor? Touchpoints are really important and represent an opportunity to delight your customers. The alternative, which is delivering expected performance, is average and runs the risk of being ignored by your customers. Even worse, when competing companies differentiate themselves from your “forgettable” delivery, your customers are in danger of leaving.

Have you seen similar types of creative deliverables that stood out from the expected?



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