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Are you still focused on your agenda?

By on June 27, 2014

You are in the dinosaur era. Start being helpful or be ignored. A guest post by Danielle MacInnis from MacInnis Marketing in Melbourne, Australia. Small businesses need marketing more than ever I have just spent the last 3 months travelling around Australia working with medium businesses CEOs. They have identified that they need to invest in […]

Re-Defining Customer Service

By on February 6, 2014

The definition of great customer service is changing…for the better. The Customer 3D™ approach is taking suppliers’ expectations to a new dimension for their customers. What used to be acceptable in the product-centered world is being expanded by a new, customer-centered mentality. My book, Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers, was released today. I am […]

Creative Customer Performance

By on November 25, 2013

When organizations focus on what their customers will tell others, it opens performance to a new dimension. Suddenly, everyone from front-line employees to executives takes on a creative role that embraces exciting new ideas.

A Different Approach to Customer-Centered Success

By on October 15, 2013

This community is very different from any other customer site. The worldview of customers is being re-invented by passionate advocates for changing what has been accepted as normal customer service. This network is a resource, focusing on only the most customer-centered thought leadership. It is meant to showcase abundant, anti-status-quo thinking about mindful, collaborative alignment […]

Change the Culture

By on April 30, 2013

The Innovation Zone

By on June 11, 2012

Author: Thomas M. Koulopoulos

The Designful Company

By on June 11, 2012

Author: Marty Neumeier


By on June 11, 2012

Author: Lisa Aschmann

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