thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Re-Defining Customer Service

By on June 18, 2012

The definition of great customer service is changing…for the better. The Customer 3D™ approach is taking suppliers’ expectations to a new dimension for their customers. What used to be acceptable in the product-centered world is being expanded by a new, customer-centered mentality.

My book, Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers, was released today. I am excited about the idea of an inspired tribe creating a future in which businesses are acting differently for their customers. These exceptional organizations will be:

  • Less reactive and More proactive
  • Less transaction-focused and More focused on positive culture involving all employees
  • Less scarcity-driven and More abundant in their thinking
  • Less mechanical in their behaviors and More organic and humanistic
  • Less concerned about just being good enough and More committed to becoming the best for their customers

This new direction is going to require a transformation—not a few minor tweaks of tired, one-dimensional business models that have been around for years. It will revolutionize the way we define customer relations. Instead of calling our work customer service, we will look at it in another dimension, where customer connection and customer success are the beacons that will not be compromised.


2 Responses to “Re-Defining Customer Service”

  1. Dennis Smith says:

    Does your book have data to show what kind of motivation works to get employees to apply all these principles?

    • Bill Self says:

      Yes it does. When employees are given a customer-centered purpose (rather than product-centered), a culture develops in which motivation emerges and every employee is empowered to "own" the customer's success.

      Thanks for asking,
      Bill Self

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