thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Changing Times

By on August 1, 2012

Customer 3D™ compares to traditional views of customer service thinking as Presentation Zen compares to conventional, boring bullet-point-driven slide presentations. It is far more memorable and impactful.

Garr Reynolds describes his Presentation Zen ideas as “an approach, not a method” because “an approach implies a road, a direction, a frame of mind, perhaps even a philosophy, but not a formula of proven rules to be followed.”  His purpose is to help presenters “see presentations in a way that is different, simpler, more visual, more natural, and ultimately far more meaningful.”

Ten years ago, before Reynolds, and Nancy Duarte and Seth Godin’s Really Bad PowerPoint: (and how to avoid it), most business people could not have envisioned that there could be a better alternative to the slide presentations that were everywhere. They were stuck and did not know it. And therefore, they had settled into the rut of conventional wisdom.

Similarly, it’s time to replace our current thinking about serving customers and ask “What would add value?” to those customers. Rather than imposing more rules and formulas, we should go in the opposite direction toward simplicity and focusing on what is important to customers. The transformation will deliver a closer connection with customers that is logical because it concentrates on relationship building.

That change is happening now. Customer 3D™ is delivering a more customer-centered alternative, in contrast to those organizations who still insist on thinking about customer service as they did years ago. In the 1960's, Bob Dylan wrote and sang, “Your old road is Rapidly agin' (The Times They are A-Changing)” but the message is still true. The future will belong to businesses that are more creative and empathetic than what we have accepted as good enough until now.


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