thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

The Time Spent on Customers

By on September 14, 2011

Customer 3D™ organizations balance their daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities of running their business in the way most other organizations do. However, when they have moments that are slower than usual (as we all do), they focus that time on their customers. That is why they are so customer-centered.

DollarSigns_lrgWhat do they do in these less hectic times? They call customers and proactively ask how they can help them. They want to know what the needs of those customers are. They want to have a dialogue that will uncover new ideas that the company can put into place that will add value to customers. Whereas product-centered companies during “down” times look to customers for additional orders for their existing products, 3D organizations are looking for new products and processes for their customers. Customer 3D™ organizations take ownership of connecting with their customers by telephone, observation, social media and every other means possible in order to find out how they can improve in the areas that matter most to those customers.

Exceptionally customer-centered organizations are good listeners. Part of the internal assessment of Customer 3D™ businesses includes a component that determines how well they identify new opportunities. When direct contact with customers is not feasible, these extraordinary organizations have meetings to discuss opportunities for improving products and processes on behalf of their customers. They are hardwired to sustain customer-centricity on an upward trajectory, in other words, through closer connections with what customers need to be more successful.

All great public speakers will tell you that it is the speakers’ responsibility to connect with their audience. If the audience does not seem interested in what they are saying, then don’t blame them. The same thing is true with customers. Customer-centered organizations believe that it is their responsibility to connect with their customers—not the other way around.

Customer 3D™ organizations know that customers’ relationships with them will be exponentially stronger if those customers feel they are receiving authentic inquiries about their success. It galvanizes the connection by demonstrating that both the company and the customer are working for the same purpose.


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