thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

The Customer 3D™ Team

By on August 24, 2011

Success in any endeavor is much more likely with a strong, cohesive team. Success in business, of course, is also more likely when that team includes everyone in the entire organization. So, the ability to focus all employees on customers in a purposeful way will clearly deliver a powerful result that will customers will notice.

Recently, I met Dr. David Hicks. He is a pathologist who is involved with a movement called Transformational Pathology. It is being led by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Chicago School of Pathology. Pathologists have historically been confined to a narrow role of analysis and testing which passes information along to the physicians. Now they are being accepting into the important work the physicians and other employees are doing to improve outcomes for the patients. Hicks says, “We should be part of the healing team.”

3D_lrgA similar focus on customers is also happening in businesses. There is a new mindset about becoming customer-centered. It is called Customer 3D™ because it expands the approach that organizations take to add value to their customers. It helps organizations to re-think their strategy in order to design more productive ways to connect with their customers. For a deeper explanation of what Customer 3D™ looks like, click here, or visit the Customer 3D™ tab at the top of the page.

Customer 3D™ is transformational in a different way. It is focused on the outcome for the customer. If your organization wants to be truly customer-centered, Customer 3D™ provides a system that transforms the importance of the customer to the organization. The majority of traditional efforts that businesses make for customers are additive: individual acts of good customer performance simply stand alone. Customer 3D™, on the other hand, is transformative, resulting in culture change in which value-added ideas can impact all employees across the organization.

It transforms because it establishes a system that allows all employees across the entire organization to understand how they can develop the opportunities in which the company can provide solutions to the customer. Customer-centricity evolves because the organization shares new ideas with everyone and empowers a culture that wants to build on the progress that already has been made. The 3D company makes sure that everyone is part of the team. Customer 3D™ is the most effective way to make customer-centricity a reality.


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