thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Genuine Customer-Centricity

By on June 11, 2012

A new style of leadership is emerging, one that resonates deeply with customers and leads to stronger customer loyalty. It is revolutionary and sets the organizations that practice it far above the average players in the eyes of their customers.

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The transformation is happening because organizations are embracing a new mindset focused on the success of their customers. They are using a new system which is moving them beyond product-centricity to customer-centricity. It is a strategy that is differentiating them from their competition and creating an exciting new business model which is more sustainable than traditional formulas.

There are three dimensions of organizational behavior that define how we relate to customers. Freshness and growth, however, happen only at the third dimension: Customer 3D.

This white paper explores what it means to operate in this new dimension and describes some of the amazing benefits that accrue to organizations that understand how to achieve exceptional customer- centric performance.

The paper is available as a free download, with no registration required. It’s published under a Creative Commons license, and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues, your senior staff, anyone you think would find it of interest. We hope that it will provide you with some fresh thinking.

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