thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Customer3D™ Capacity to Do More

By on January 25, 2012

Cross Fit is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program used by police academies, military special operations units, and others. It is a system that delivers higher performance, allowing participants to become faster, stronger, and to do more reps. It doesn’t change its programs for beginners or long-term participants. Instead, it is designed for universal scalability by increasing load and intensity.

Crossfit_lrgIt is a focus on high performance without compromise, focused on the transformation from weak to strong. Companies are finally realizing that if they are going to outperform for their customers, they need a capacity-building program for their entire organization. Like Cross Fit, they train for principles rather than events.

Every organization has a perception of what it can do for the customer, just as one person might be capable of bench-press a 100-pound load, while another can lift 180 pounds. The problem occurs when we overload the system. When that happens, individuals may be deficient or the system does not work properly in total. In a conventional environment you are able to handle a specific load and your gear your behaviors to that capability. Beyond that level, you answers change to “I can’t do that” or “Our rules do not allow that” because that is the mindset the organization expects to perform to for the customer. Traditional organizations are limited in what they can do — somewhere between a couch potato and a casual or “weekend” athlete. 3D organizations are ready to meet any challenges necessary to make their customers successful.

The Customer3D system, on the other hand, increases capacity. It strengthens an organization to handle more extensive opportunities than it previously thought possible and to grow that capacity even further each time a new threshold is reached. It expands to create a buffer capacity, built for better flexibility and ready for new ideas to add value to customers. It is balanced and ready to perform in a much higher, more proactive dimension. It is a fitness program that allows your organization to handle more and work harder for your customers—to be optimal.

Every customer encounter does not need a highly intensive performance, but exceptional organizations build in the capacity anyway. When Customer 3D capabilities are in place, employees are prepared to deliver exceptional customer-centered performance when needed. They can draw on a confidence and reserve that 1D organizations simply cannot understand. It is very much a difference-maker.


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