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By on October 12, 2013

All of us are well aware that basic knowledge is getting more basic, because it is more easily accessible. Google and other high-performance search engines have proven that. Customer 3D™ organizations are factoring this trend into the design of their services in order to creatively grow their businesses. It’s happening at two ends of the spectrum; they are learning to:

  • Deliver the basic knowledge in the most user-friendly way possible.

A great model for this re-thinking is the Khan Academy, which is using video to reinvent education (Salman Kahn: TED Talk). The Khan Academy believes that if the customer (the student, in their case) can learn the fundamental concepts faster and more solidly, they can take that customer to a higher level of achievement more quickly. The system that provides this learning capitalizes on the effectiveness of one-to-one learning, enhanced by lessons that are engaging, rather than phony, dull lecturing. They also provide teachers with dashboards to let them know the level of understanding by each student for each module.

The Khan Academy has not changed the actual information that is taught in schools. It has changed the delivery model. In the same mode, Customer 3D businesses are looking at new ways to democratize basic information for their customers.

  • Develop fresh new ways to build on this basic knowledge.

Why are models that deliver basic knowledge in a new way better for suppliers? They free up time to work on the great ideas that will usher in the future. Instead of being a vendor, companies can become strategic insight partners for their customers.

Think of it as a new level of R&D, which is taking companies beyond mediocrity. Gradually, competitors who still think that basic knowledge is valuable will become irrelevant. The new breed of customer-centered suppliers is taking its customers to newer dimensions of achievement. These organizations are pushing their employees in a good way toward new areas to explore. The basic rule must be to question everything—products, processes, and technology—that is over two years old.

Customer 3D organizations have the vision of becoming the best business insight partners because they believe that their customers want to work with the best. That is why there is a direct correlation between truly customer-centered cultures and exceptional performance in connecting with customers.


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