thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

Corporate Follow-Up

By on August 16, 2013

I always want to know the back story of feel-good customer service stories.

Recently, a young traveler, with no money, was fed for free by the Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Chicago-O’Hare Airport. It’s a great story.

But I wanted to know how the executives of the organization handled the situation after it happened. I wrote to the Contact Us portal on the Wolfgang Puck website. Here is the response that I received from Lesley within a few minutes of my online request:

“We recognized these employees by celebrating the story with our franchise partner HMS host and the regional management of the unit, both when it happened and also when the article came out.  We have quality auditors and internal employees who have all sent the staff a personal note of thanks and praise. Some prefer to do this via email – others with a handwritten card.  We do not dictate how they would like to respond. Our Executive Chef lives in Chicago and often flies through and I am sure that he will personally give the staff a high five for their delivery.”

“A special gift of recognition from Chef Wolfgang Puck has also been sent them. We are very grateful to work with such a good people.”

This was fantastic follow-up and it represents an important element of a Customer 3D™ business. A customer-centered organization knows not only how to behave during the transaction with each customer; it differentiates itself by celebrating these great Customer 3D™ performances and by spreading the word throughout its own organization—so that others instinctively learn what the company approves of. It encourages them to do the same types of above-and-beyond work for their customers, as well.


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