thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

A Time for Reflection

By on December 23, 2009

Globe_lrgThe holidays are clearly a time for reflection. They offer us some down time and a chance to refill our tanks for next year. I encourage you to use this calmness to think about how you can continue to improve for your customers.

Throughout 2009, I have been encouraging you to search for traits that your customers will remember you for:

  • Simplify
  • Inspire
  • Educate
  • Add value
  • Get closer to your customers

Elevate the focus on those traits in your business for next year. A lot of consultants talk about hardwiring organizations, but I prefer the term ‘design’. Success will develop when you and your employees design a system that is not only functional but creative, not only efficient but adaptable, not only flexible but proactive and customer sensitive.

Consider the image that your organization presents, specifically regarding how you connect with your customers. Your “culture” will influence how your customers will view you. It’s not what your company does; it’s what your customer does that is important. And now is the best time to raise the awareness of how you can improve.

Ask this question: “How can I make life easier for my customers (current and future)?" The answers will help your organization dramatically change its services in ways that will ultimately amaze your present customers and make new customers want to come to you. Appraise every customer interface with the belief that it can be better focused on the customer. It’s a chance to reframe challenges into opportunities for you and your customers.

Chances are you are looking for more meaning in your business next year, to dust off the staleness, to be fresh. Look no further than your customers. They should represent what is most meaningful to you and your business. Then, find your true voice by making the work for your customers even more meaningful in the coming months. Get enthusiastic as your organization embarks on the road of thinking like a customer.

The transformation can only begin after you visualize what your potential can be. Take advantage of the calmness and innocence given us at this time of the year to understand that potential in terms of higher performance for your customers.  Things will get busy soon enough and your year-end appraisal will become overshadowed by business-as-usual duties if you don’t make it a priority.

Enjoy your holidays. And, be passionate about your customers.


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