thinking like a customer

thinking like a customer

A New Word

By on November 5, 2008

Sometimes you need to invent a word to describe something that has not actually been well-defined before. Sometimes you need to invent a word to describe something that you really care about.

I had the great fortune to meet a team leader in the service industry recently at her job. She was the perfect combination of competence and enthusiasm. While she was serving me, she made recommendations about my purchase and made me feel very welcome by understanding my needs and providing suggestions that were just what I wanted. She used the knowledge of her job to customize the solution that I ultimately purchased because she was able to get “on the same wavelength” and truly think like a customer instead of a seller. I came away with not only a fantastic experience but a great conversation, as well.

She shared with me a word that she had invented: Repassionize. She uses that word when she trains the team she works with. If it wasn’t a word before, it is now.

Repassionize is the word she uses in her team meetings to inspire her co-workers. She uses it to help her team members refocus on serving their customers when the urgency of the job can cause them to lose sight of the people they are serving and the real reason the organization is in business. It is a new word that illustrates how she behaves with customers and translates well for others who are attempting to be just as successful.

Isn't this the challenge that we all face just about every day? Thinking like a customer is the philosophy that grounds us in what is most important. It recharges the battery in our organization to deliver what our customers value.

As a leader, light a fire in your team by teaching all of them to think like a customer. It will help the entire organization intensify what it is doing for everyone that it touches. It will not only increase customer satisfaction, but it will also drive higher performance. Repassionize!


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