A System

Customer 3D™ is a system to transform product-centric organizations into customer-centric organizations.

A Strategy

Customer 3D™ organizations strategically and proactively connect with customers, balancing the product and financial strategies already in place.

A Movement

Customer 3D™ is a movement championed by companies that put customer success at the forefront and drive transformation throughout their organizations.

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about customer 3D

Customer 3D provides businesses

with the best way

to move from a product-centric to

a customer-centric focus.

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Customer 3D™ provides businesses with the best way to move from a product-centric to a customer-centric focus.

If your organization wants to be truly customer-centered, Customer 3D™ provides a system that transforms the importance of the customer to the organization.

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thinking like a vendor...

Most organizations operate only

in the 1D-2D territory because

they believe this gives customers

What They Expect!

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Thinking like a vendor

thinking like a vendor...

Traditional companies are product-centered. Their efforts are additive, solitary, and focused on individual acts of good customer performance. Their mindset is transactional. If something is wrong, they react, but only to bring the customer back to a break-even point. Their priority is to control the customers’ interactions with them.

The result is a one-dimensional (1D) approach to customers. Great performances in the world they operate in are two-dimensional (2D), but are still product-centered. Organizations cannot be product-centered and customer-centered at the same time.

thinking like a customer...

3D companies have their fair

share of transactional actions.

However, they Think Outside


to elevate their culture.

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Thinking like a vendorthinking like a customer...

Customer 3D™, on the other hand, represents an expansive worldview for the organization, where employees generate value-added ideas that are customer-centered. These ideas generate even more new ideas, resulting in an organic culture which is transformative.

3D companies think outside the 1D-2D dimensions to expand their culture.

When you think like a customer, you create a customer-centered purpose across the entire organization reinforced by a shared worldview that focuses on the customer, not the product. Employees better understand how to provide real solutions to the customer. Customer closeness becomes cultural, rather than transactional.

All top-performing organizations will behave this is the way in the future.

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Put the customer in the center

Put the customer in the center

Customer-centricity is sustainable because the organization shares new ideas with everyone and empowers a culture anxious to build on the progress already made. Customer 3D™ is the most effective way to make customer-centricity a reality.

Bill Self

What If...

organizations empowered employees to
make purposeful customer decisions that
looked far beyond a transactional mindset?


the book


to transform product-centric organizations into customer-centric ones. Decades of experience in the customer loyalty and satisfaction field have taught him that the most successful, winning organizations are the ones whose people truly see things through the eyes of their customers.

Bill cares about transforming companies into customer-centric organizations for growth and competitive advantage in a product-centered marketplace. With more than 25 years of business leadership, his market research validates what extraordinarily customer-centered companies do well to separate themselves from average performers.

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Today, Bill shows companies how to develop market leadership through stronger customer connections. A member of the National Speakers Association and the American Society for Quality, he graduated from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA and currently lives in upstate New York.

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reader reviews

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  • "What does it truly mean to be customer-centric? Customer 3D challenges traditional thinking. In doing so, it forces you to look closely at the realities of your own organization, to ask, "Are we as customer-centered as we thought?" Bill provides examples of customer-centricity, strategies to get there, and measurements to monitor progress. I recommend Customer 3D for any organization -- to stimulate your thinking, re-energize your commitment to customers, and define steps you can take."

    - Terry Callanan | Chief Quality Officer
    Carestream Health Inc.

  • "Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers" introduces new, important concepts that will be the catalyst for businesses to re-think their strategy. It replaces traditional, out-of-date practices with a vibrant system that will transform corporate cultures and deliver much higher organizational performance. This book expertly shows us the future and how companies will achieve powerful, expansive customer connections."

    - Ken Potalivo | President
    ProGrowth, Inc.

  • "Bill's extensive experience creating organizations to revolve around the customer provides a rich background in developing the deep change needed for extraordinary results. He goes beyond the typical rhetoric of customer service, providing specific, proven steps that drive passionate focus on your customer. This book is practical, not just theoretical. It is a practitioner's guide to how cultures can be shifted to focus on your customer's needs, such as identifying the end purpose behind your business, educating your customers, and legendary staff performance. Customer 3D™ recognizes this transformation is hard work, but has enormous returns."

    - Robert Fetterman | Vice President
    Turning Stone Resort & Casino

  • "Galileo shattered long-held doctrine. With painstaking calculation, he reinforced the idea that the Earth was not the center of the universe. And, he revolutionized our thinking! Bill Self is about to do the same to the universe of customer relations. Sadly, everyone can describe a horrific experience with a "customer service department." In wonderfully told stories, Self depicts extraordinary companies that understand by putting customers first, they are more productive and more profitable. Expect Bill Self's engaging and passionate book to launch a new revolution."

    - Brian A. Kane | Vice President
    Three Lakes Consulting

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The most effective system for


the future of your company

You have your product plans and your financial plans and your operational plans
already laid out. Now, it's time to focus on your customer strategy.
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Customer 3D provides comprehensive support to your organization on its journey to customer-centricity. Everything we do is tailored to your unique requirements for developing a customer-focused, idea-generating culture. Your customers will experience a proactive supplier that is committed to their long-term success.

We drive organization-wide cultural change and re-orientation toward a customer mind-set. We help organizations design strategies, synthesize work systems, and evaluate processes for working in ways that are most valuable to customers. We enable alignment among facilities, departments and teams with corporate goals to properly service customers.

Creating an organization-wide customer measurement system is critical. Our systems and metrics, like our Customer 3D Index, enable you to measure changes in behavior and can be linked in to other growth-related measures for your overall business.

To facilitate the transition, we provide training workshops for executives and all employees to help them think like their customers. Learning components include innovative techniques such as Thinking Like a Customer and Design Thinking. This education helps participants to better understand and buy into the customer-centric transformation.

To ensure continuity of customer-centered behavior throughout the organization, we help clients create a comprehensive long-range customer relationship plan and the systems for monitoring performance.

For those organizations interested in transitioning to customer-centricity, we conduct internal assessments of an organization’s existing framework and recommend strategies for going forward.

We show you how to use customer-centered behaviors, including social media, to differentiate the organization from competitors and to provide a cohesive value proposition to customers.

A new type of leadership is emerging. Customer 3D is driving a new spirit in business, one that is revolutionizing the relationships organizations have with their customers. We’d be delighted to speak with you about how we can help your organization achieve a new dimension of customer connection.

Engage Bill


Bill has presented to organizations around the world on how to build a sustainable, customer-centric culture that takes customer connections to a new dimension. Unlike other customer loyalty speakers, he has the in-depth, practical skills and knowledge to help you make a deep and lasting transformation in your business.

Many in the customer loyalty field focus strictly on conventional strategies and tactics for employees in direct contact with customers. Bill makes a compelling case that getting everyone focused on customer success is the ultimate key to achieving the highest levels of customer-centric excellence.
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We’re available to present at conferences and individual organizations on all aspects of the transformation to customer-centricity, showcasing case studies of successful transformations.

Topics Discussed

  • Customer 3D
  • Thinking Like a Customer
  • Employee Involvement and Culture Development
  • Customer Strategy Workshops (3 hours)


We would like to discuss the program goals with our potential clients in advance of bookings. Fees range from $5,000 for keynote addresses to $10,000 for full-day events.
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see bill in action...

Bill Self Presenting at a Manufacturing Association Meeting
Bill Self | Thinking Forward: Adapting to a Changing Workplace
Customer 3D
Customer 3D
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Bill Self is a compelling speaker for your organization if...

  • You want to be the most customer-centered company in your industry.
  • Functional areas in your organization act like silos and it limits your performance for customers.
  • You feel that internal rules and the culture in your company prevent you from "doing the right thing" for customers.
  • Your business has lost some of its relevance with customers.
  • Employees are not as inspired as they used to be.
  • You believe that your business should be innovating faster than it is.
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